Defending the Children,Youths and Families
                   of New Hampshire
          And The United States of America


Defending the Children,Youth's and Families of the State of 
New Hampshire and our United States of America!!

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 NEVER!!!! NEVER!!!!  When a DCYF worker comes to your home "unannounced " as they like to term the invasion of your privacy, kindly ask them to make an appointment with you and come back on that date and time.  If they are threatening or persistent make sure you get their name, so that you may call their supervisor while they are at your door.  Make sure you know what they wish to discuss in writing three days prior to their meeting with you in writing , a copy of the allegations PRIOR to the meeting.



As President of Justice4Johnny I am urging all of NH citizens Democrats and Republicans alike to PLEASE get on line right now and email your representatives in the NH legislator. Tomorrow there will be a vote to abolish the NH Redress of Grievances' Committee. 
I know I speak for many more than the fast growing Justice4Johnny membership when I say Nobody has the right to break the law and keep parents from their civil right to raise their child! without just cause 
This is NOT a Party issue. And if the Members of the House that are voting no tomorrow could walk one minute in the injustice of some of the people of our state they would wish that there were a NH Redress of Grievance Committee. 
I will be in Concord tomorrow please join me! And Please Repost this message to all of your Status 
Live Free Or die NH it is our right to hold our officials accountable!

NH GAL Board Public Participation Guidelines

The following procedures and rules will govern public participation at Board meetings.


1) A segment of each meeting will be set aside early in the meeting for citizens to address the Board under the agenda item listed as "Public Participation".

2) Any individual desiring to speak shall sign up giving his/her name, and the group, if any, that s/he represents.  The chairman will recognize each speaker in order.

3) Each speaker will be allotted 5 minutes.  Each meeting will have a total of no more than 20 minutes for public comment.  Written remarks are encouraged.

4) The Public Participation is a time for individuals to speak and the Board to listen.  It is not a time for questions and answers or for open dialogue.

5) Speakers may present concerns or suggestions regarding the Board's process, procedures and programs.  However, in public session the Board cannot hear personal complaints of Guardians ad Litem nor will they hear complaints against individuals connected with Guardians ad Litem.  Complaints are handled through the complaint process (outlined separately).

6) The Board has the authority to halt remarks of any individual when they do not adhere to the guidelines established herein. 

Guardian ad litems are lawyers too make complaints to both the Gal board and the bar assocation!                 Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett

The Guardian ad litems are responsible for abiding by two sets of rules.  Therfore if you write your complaints you can make your complaints about them as GAL's and as Lawyers in general.  These people get away with perjury and unproffesionalism because we don't complain to the right people and when the boards cover up the malpractice as in the case of my son's GAL you go higher! which is where i'm headed!

Therapists and Doctors                                                Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett

The Doctors and therapists who are paid guns in cases where they lie or omit to help one party could be reported and sued!!  The NH Board of medicine and the NH Board of Pyschiatry is where my complaint will begin and that is where yours may begin as well.  A lawyer may then possibly file a damages law suit in the Superior court!  so that no more do these people get to hurt our children and walk away.

Publicity is also another very important part of these case so that they cant harm other families.  It isnt just the child or children in their care, it is the children left at home that these so called "Doctors" are harming  Shame on them!

Justice4Johnny, suggestions 

The Justice4Johnny executive board would like to share this very popular web sight with you!

It is called....

This is a site filled with stories of other families  that have had or are having trouble with state agencies regarding their children.  Also helpful hints,  and a wonderful source of information.

Please be aware that this site has some very disturbing truthful accounts of system abuse and may not be appropriate for Children . Please use caution and common sense.

"Keep up the fight"....... Janet lee Heywood-Esburnett

This is an election year take advantage people, go to where the candidates are and ask them about this corrupt agency and what it's costing NH and every state.........................................JH-E

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Meetings with DCYF or so called Child protection agencies about your case

A very good idea that I wish Someone had told me over the years is when meeting with your case worker, parent aide and higher ups about problems in your case, Ask to video the encounter.  I had an experience where a high official acted horrified at a meeting with SEVERAL key players who had NOTHING to say to defend their actions!!, She promised me she would help fix things and then just days later covered her subordinates huge Errors by of course casting blame on me!  And it only cost  a boys child hood!


You must have a signed consent of everyone in the room of course and if they are not willing to allow this well then it makes you wonder as to why on earth not.  If they are being honest what could it harm.

Since these are minor child issues the video account should be kept private when using the childs name use initials at the meetinng. This evidence should be on hand for purposes in your hearings.

Janet lee Heywood-Esburnett  ............................................not intended for legal advice 

Always be thinking of protecting yourself these people are not your friends!

 Not intended for legal advice 

 posted by  Janet Lee Hewood- Esburnett


Trust God, your Dog,cat and your children!  Thats about it in these cases! 

It is appalling the amount of corruption that I uncover everytime I get more and more documents from the Nashua NH office from my so called cases..

Well I'm not going anywhere so Lets hope Ms. Maggie Bishop from the Concord NH district office who is the Lady in charge will listen and do the right thing by  my child and all NH children at last!. Then there is of course the director of DHHS, and He will be the next step.

But dont waste time. Call your law makers fax, email visit them! all at the same time several several times, I will more than likely see you there!

It would be great if parents and these agencies could find a way to all work together to rid this agency of the vile corrupt Case Workers, Parent Aides and a few Supervisors that are willing to sign false affidavits , Not Good!

This agency was created to help families .  But in most cases , not all, because of corrupt people that love  power, it is now a fear machine to satisfy nothing more than a place for these people to make a pay check. And in some instances wage a mean spirited campaine to split up a family unit.

Our Govenor  needs to see My Childs case and many others to see where the NH tax payers money is going and STOP the millions of dollars in funding this agency which is doing far more  harm than good for  NH families.

Hopefully Ms Maggie Bishop will be interested in doing the right thing!  We would be happy to join forces to make NH a better place for children and families!!


The Justice4Johnny executive board would like to make a request from all of our members.

If you would all be so kind to upload a photo into your personal profile we would greatly appreciate it!

This will not only make our web site more attractive, but it can also give you a chance to express yourself in the photo you choose, and help other members get to know more about you!


Thank you,

J4J executive council


Make complaints and continue to make complaints to the Guardian ad Litem board!

you can bet the Gal board has not heard the last of me.  it is just that my time is best spent else where  FOR NOW Make sure if you cant afford the 100 fee to file a complaint that you fill out an application for waiver.

And please let this board know if you are denied. 

The 2013 NH Redress Greivance Committee


Posted By Janet Heywood Esburnett


Just a quick word so no one panics! The NH redress Greivance Committee hasnt gone away! we have been getting many calls and emails!


No, no! They will be back taking statements the begining of the New Year, Remember you must have a Representitive in your area sponsor your greivance so make your report really accurate, to the point and as hard as it is try to keep the emotion out!


We are here to help you after the first of the month to write or edit these documents. There will be a new board voted in , some old members I'm sure will remain.

Take Care

My God Bless you and your Families Always,

Janet Heywood-Esburnett


Thank You Democrats for taking away our right to the Redress Committee!  Shame on You! And the few Republicans that helped them!

So Many people including myself were counting on this committee to do what was right and just and fair.  But our Attorney General who is absolutely on DCYF's Christmas list is making sure that the committee is going to be no more!


It makes me sick to think that our Law makers are saying no to a committee that would bring out dishonest people making bad decisions for the families of NH.  This is so wrong I who am never speechless could not speak when I heard that our Attorney General was telling DCYF employee's that they did not have to appear to subpoena's and was representing them as their council?  What?


Yes The state of NH has gone so far in this corruption and CYA instead of admitting fault and cleaning house that we are paying to protect the predators.

I'm saddened to say that the Redress Committee that we had so much hope in will probably not be hearing anymore of our claims even the ones that were on deck like mine.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month !

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett-

May is Foster Care Awareness month and DCYF is of course focusing on what they want to sell to the public.  They are claiming that 800 children will be " IN NEED" of a Foster Home" this year due to parental neglect and or abuse.  Well that is just HOG WASH!


The fact is that is there weren't so many witch hunts and case workers with control issues who are absolutely dead set that they are going to take away a parents child just because they don't like the parent there would probably not even be half that amount.

The fact is that NH DCYF case workers do not use foster care as a last resort and in most cases they use it as a first resort!  They do not offer services when they are supposed to.

AND the fact is that more often then not there is a family member like Dorothy knightly more than willing to take their family member so that they do not have to go into the foster care system, BUT...the control crazed case workers refuse to put the children with the family members just because they have a personal dislike for them.

meanwhile millions of dollars are wasted not mention the real issue that thousands of children's lives are ruined because of this issue.

DCYF needs to stop covering up the real issues.  Yes I believe there are some honest and good people at DCYF but there are many more dishonest, control crazed people that need to go.  It is them that not only are hurting NH's children but also give NH's DCYF case workers who are honest and trying to do a good job a bad name.

So the honest people who have any power need to step up and speak up or nothing will change for these kids.  There will still  be kids being taken from good homes for no reason and abused kids being left to die.

Jeremiah Oliver

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett on April 29, 2014 at 9:45 PM Delete
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Posted by- Janet Heywood-Esburnett

 Olga Roche The chief of DCF in Massachusetts  has resigned under pressure from top lawmakers calling for her resignation.  Roche, is responsible for not just Jeremiah Olivers death on her watch but two other children, and that's just the ones that have been reported and that we are aware of..

Roche will be replaced by Erin Deveney an attorney and Former chief of staff of Motor Vehicles in the State.  I am already concerned with Ms. Deveney's attitude as to what happened in these terrible cases .

Never have a heard in NH , Massachusetts or any other state that I know of that WE do not need more case workers, WE NEED BETTER ONES!


I am appalled that yet again the agency is using a tragic death of a child at their hands I might add , to ask the state for more money to add to the already huge budget that Mass. DCF and DCYF in NH uses to break up good families and also to leave children in the homes of abusive parents.


If so called case workers would stop going on " Witch Hunts" and start doing their Jobs in other cases they wouldn't have any where near as many cases.


Lets hope that Massachusetts is focusing on the families of these poor children who have died in DCF and NH DCYF's care and getting them the help they need.


The State of Massachusetts has said that Roche will stay on for another few weeks through the transition.


Pauline Eno looking for sponsors for Care Net Walk For Life .

On  Saturday May 3,3014  The crowds came out to walk and also to support walkers in the annual Care Net Walk For Life.  We are huge supporters of Care Net and believe whole hearted in their Goal to keep every living Baby ALIVE! and see them nurtured   As well as Support the Mothers and Families of the Child  .

Our Pauline Eno walks every year in the walk for life.  She has been a Liaison between Justice4Johnny for the past 4 years and she has been a liaison between Care Net and her Church  for over 15.


If anyone would like to send a donation to sponsor her walk ,it isn't to late.  Just post something on her personal message board or in guest book and work out the details.


Thank You for supporting this great cause!

Will and Jada Smith under Investigation from CPS

Posted by- Janet Heywood-Esburnett-

Well isn't it funny that CPS and DCYF case workers are in the nightly main news stream for the past few weeks now that Will Smith and his wife are under investigation from Child Protective Services.

I have to say that even the claims are ridiculous, even if  they were true it wouldn't  be neglect or abuse!!

But meanwhile, they are leaving children to die in the homes of murderers who are cooking there children in ovens and microwaves after family members and neighbors are calling for help and CPS and DCYF are calling the cases unfounded!

AND it is so TYPICAL for DCYF to compound a problem when they see they are wrong instead of swallowing their pride and working with the good parent or a better situation they keep digging their heels in firmer in the ground making statements like , We stand by our original decision.

Well I Janet Heywood-Esburnett right here and now put out a challenge to New Hampshire's Maggie Bishop to be one of the first State leaders to be moraly responsible and admit fault when there is accountability to be had for the sake of NH's children.

Work with NH"s parents to make wrongs that have been done and make them right!

Stand up and fight for the kids you are sworn to protect, are you able to do that Ms. Bishop?  I pray so

NH Citizens' take HIGH interest in Hired Gun's like Benjamin Garber 

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett-

The Video that shows the heart wrenching damage that paid so called experts like Dr. Benjamin Garber from New Hampshire can do by testifying making self serving statements for whom ever is paying them is causing quite the buzz!


The video is posted twice on our site and it has well over 2000 hits on one channel and over 450 on the other!

This is more than any other video and we are getting phone calls and emails with reports of horrific experiences with Dr. Garber.

Justice4Johnny cannot give legal advice but we can advice you all to seek legal advice if you feel you have been wronged.


Please keep journals of all of your experiences with people like this man and case workers, Gal's and alike .

Justice4Johnny is teaming up with other non-profit's who work for NH's families to change law's of accountability of these people from criminal accountability to civil accountability as well.

Hang in there !  J4J is not giving up I promise you that!

Third Meeting: Opportunity for Victims of Political and Judicial Injustice in New Hampshire to Speak Up!

Third Meeting: Opportunity for Victims of Political and Judicial Injustice in New Hampshire to Speak Up!

Wednesday, August 27

at 6:00pm 

9 Andrews Rd. Somersworth, NH. 03878


As the President of Justice4Johnny I would like to encourage EVERYONE who is reading this to PLEASE take advantage of these meetings!!   It is so important not to sit on the side lines and be a victim without standing up shaking your civil rights at the people responsible for the corruption in our state that keeps good parents from their children and puts children in abusers homes!!


Please don’t let it always be the same faces trying to make changes for New Hampshire Citizens!  Don’t be satisfied letting others fight your families battles

Justice4Johnny board members and members are going to this meeting.  Please contact me via my email [email protected] or our office 880-7600 if you need a ride we will get a car pool together!

PLEASE take this opportunity to make a difference this voting year!

Think about this, had others fought this fight years ago and gotten rid of the corrupt law makers, lawyers, GAL’s so called expert witnesses, lying case workers at DCYF ,Judges most of us would not have the battles we fight today!

Justice4Johnny is committed to this fight and supporting all of you! So please Join the fight!

Janet Heywood-Esburnett

Justice For Johnny Face Book Page

 Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett

We have a new FaceBook Page unfortunately our old FaceBook Page didn't last but a few weeks and the person forgot the email and password which meant we couldn't recreated it.  So please note the spelling JUST FOR FB

is Justice For Johnny

It's doing Awesome and we have a devoted Justice4Johnny associate working it, who also developed it!

J4J is taking 2015 by storm we are really on the move in more ways than one!

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