Defending the Children,Youths and Families
                   of New Hampshire
          And The United States of America


Defending the Children,Youth's and Families of the State of 
New Hampshire and our United States of America!!

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett –

Another DCYF Tragedy In New Hampshire!

Twenty-one-month-old Sadence Willott died Sept. 6, a day after police were called to her home and found her unresponsive. Her mother, Katlin Paquette, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder.

The Attorney General's Office began reviewing the Division of Children, Youth and Families' handling of the Willott case and others after police investigating the death raised concerns about the state's Division of Children Youth and Families, and later recommended the state pursue a thorough, independent investigation.

"Our preliminary review of Sadie Willott's death and other homicide and assault cases raised significant concerns about DCYF's prior contacts with those families," Attorney General Joseph Foster said. "We welcome the assistance of an outside expert to conduct a review and determine what steps can be taken to better assure the safety and security of New Hampshire's smallest and most vulnerable citizens."

Gov. Maggie Hassan said Friday that the agency's handling of specific cases will be examined, as well as its staffing, training, caseloads and procedures.

"And as findings and recommendations come forward, we will implement them as soon as possible," she said.

The Attorney General's Office also will make recommendations to a legislative commission that has been looking at how to improve state laws to better protect children.

Nick Toumpas, commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the division, said the department will cooperate fully.

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New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services/

Department of Children,Youth and Families

Murder's another NH Child!

How Many Of Our Children Need To Die?

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