Defending the Children,Youths and Families
                   of New Hampshire
          And The United States of America


Defending the Children,Youth's and Families of the State of 
New Hampshire and our United States of America!!

I was told by John's father, Ralph (Skip) Esburnett, that this birthday page that I made for my son Johnny, made him decide to  NEVER want to see me again.  After a nasty and Abusive Email from Ralph I cowered to his abuse as usual. But  I have decided that There is nothing wrong with this page!  And if John weren't in his situation, he would be proud of it!

So after much thought , KNOWING my son, This page is available for view once again.  And if I hear from Johnny How Horrible this is it will be removed permanently!

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    Mama Loves You!

Johnny is an announcer at the Hudson speedway here in NH.

ZERO credit goes to anyone but himself for making a great thing out of a terrible situation.  John has been announcing there since 2011, a small boy.

I thank the Webber family for giving John a safe place to go when he needed one.  I am so proud of all my kid's

Johnny's first race and first time in winners lane was when he was exactly 2 weeks old.. And he very seldom missed another race!  Even if it meant he and I walking in a thousand degree weather!  We lived way to close to the speedway for me to get away with the ole "Oh honey they aren't racing today! Truth be told I love racing so I didn't really mind  not one bit!  He has racing in his blood from both his Dad and Myself.  I'm positive if I didn't love NASCAR ,me and John's dad wouldn't have met.  Even though this has been the worst heart ache I have ever had,being pushed out of my child's life,he is the reason I have no regrets!

Hudson Speedway  1999 Rookie Stock Feature I would have put one of Skip's video's in but my storage was first stolen and then when I found out the person had left personal belongings it was too late,but John's dad bought my memories from the storage company,I'm sure they have been trashed.            Sorry Guys!

My Johnny at age 13. I'm so grateful to the Webber family and so many others at the track,for taking my son under their wings,when his Mama was being kept away wrongfully 

Johnny all grown up!

Hudson Crash!

Hudson Speedway

This is the story of the very first televised Daytona 500 Don't miss this! it has all the greats! And you see how close NASCAR was not not being what they are today 


Checkered Flag Race Against Cancer 2015

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