Defending the Children,Youths and Families
                   of New Hampshire
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Defending the Children,Youth's and Families of the State of 
New Hampshire and our United States of America!!

Hello, my name is Janet Heywood- Esburnett

 I am the President of Justice4Johnny Also known as J4J!
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                             Starting Over!                  



This week J4J was able to help with the normal everyday assisting NH families to obtaining phone numbers, addresses, needed paper work that they may need assistance with as well as supporting families emotionally that are not being treated appropriately  in family court or especially with NH DCYF.

One of our long time members had an issue that took many many hours to come to a satisfying conclusion.

We also assisted a family in the Nashua Superior Court.  I was so glad I sent our Vice President ahead .  She was able to tell me that she saw

Attorney Brian Snow at the Court.  Attorney Brian Snow was My Ex-Husband's , Ralph Esburnett attorney on record for the duration of my divorce and custody case with my child.

Not only did Brian Snow Lie on his documents time and time again shamefully but he allowed his client to lie knowingly.  He questioned Ralph Esburnett about evidence knowing he was lying about the truthfulness of his answers!

Attorney Brian Snow should be ashamed of himself that the almighty dollar was more important then a young boys childhood.

I am still gathering documents and evidence , this was a long case filled with these lies  from Ralph Esburnett and Attorney Brian Snow and others and I am  absolutely following through with  exposing all of them through the court system and all Federal and state reporting agencies.

I urge all of you to do the same when Attorneys, Gal's so called ex-pert witnesses abuse their oath they take.                                     

I was Glad I did not see Attorney Snow, His behavior ruined my child's chances of a normal loving relationship with his loving caring and responsible mother and I am not interested in seeing him anywhere but a court room. 

There may be laws protecting Divorce attorneys from the opposing party from suing them for certain behaviors but I have since found out that protection doesn't cover everything.

NOR does it cover bad conduct of GAL's. and others  Sometimes things take a while to get done. But they are worth pursuing for Justice and in this case




James Linscott Case/ Check out his page

 Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett

 Background On This Case

Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow dropped the  little James off at the hospital in 2012 . The little boy was suffering from life-threatening injuries. Then this abusive twosome left the state and were eventually found at a Florida amusement park.( universal Studios)

In court Thursday, She gave a self serving testimony  and apologized..  A little to little too late if you want mine and most people?s opinions!

 This Mother  spent just two-and-a-half  short years in prison and NOW  will move back in with her mother and now-6-year-old son once she's released.

HELLO? NH DCYF???? Anybody watching? Probably to busy tearing a good safe family apart!!

 The Boyfriend Roland Dow is serving a sentence of at least 25 1/2 years. He was convicted of 11 counts accusing him of beating the boy so severely that he ended up hospitalized with bleeding on the brain.  Cowards hit woman and children!


Channel Nine News reported she testified:

"While I've been here, I've taken the time to figure out who I am, where I went wrong, and I know I don't want to be that bad mother that everybody thinks I am," Linscott said. "I really do love my son. I'm sorry for everything that happened."

REALLY?                  Who does she think she is? 


Let me tell you who she was when she was allowing a Coward beat her child?,

She was HIS MOTHER!!  Responsible for keeping James Safe!

 Jessica Linscott testified against Dow at his trial and admitted she failed to get the boy medical help and coached him to lie to a social worker.

The Parole Board told Linscott that she has to continue counseling and have no contact with Dow.

 Wowie there is a revelation!  That woman should serve more time than her boyfriend as far as I?m Concerned they should both do life, he was a small defenseless child!

 Linscott said she claims she want to counsel other women so they don't make the same mistakes she did. She will be eligible for release in May. 

 I?m sorry but that statement is absurd..  What is she going to tell women ? Oh by the way if you want to please your cowardly boyfriend to make him feel big and strong DON?T LET HIM ALMOST KILL YOUR CHILD?????



Janet Heywood-Esburnett

Exposing the so called professionals,Doctors, Guardian ad litems, case workers and so on.....

It is my hope that people will post their experiences with Dr. Garber on his Google page.  And here on the J4J site in forums, If parents had posted warnings about him years ago , I would never have allowed my son to go to see him!  So please be brave everyone because if we do not make public what our children and families have been through with particular so called professionals in this state then they are able to get rich off of our families suffering!

 We need to report professionals who lie,who don't do their jobs, who break the law etc.. to the proper authority s like the Guardian ad Litem board, board of medicine and board of mental health the NH bar Association and sometimes even the police.

My Google Review of Dr. Benjamin Garber!

This is the man that could have stopped the destruction of a families life.  Instead he perpetuated it by not doing his duty and reporting accurately to NH DCYF and  then siding with the abuser.

It is a JOKE that people pay money for his products.  It is my opinion that He obviously knows nothing about children or he would have heard my child's silent and  not so silent screams.

I will be making a page just for This so called professional.

People will be able to share their stories,facts and opinions.


My son started to see Dr. Benjamin Garber several years ago. It is my opinion and Firm Belief that This Man only cares about money, and not the well being of the children that he is supposed to treat and protect.
At one point in my son’s treatment my Ex-husband was supposed to meet my son at the Dr.’s office before taking him for his weekend visitation. When my sons father got there Dr. Garber made a recommendation for the weekend that conflicted with my ex-husband and his mistresses’ plan’s .
My ex-Husband Ralph ( Skip) Esburnett got very angry. I mean after all what was Dr Garber thinking asking John's father to put John before his mistress? Therefore he left my 8 year old son there at the office with the Dr. with no ride home and without even knowing if there were going to be anyone home to care for our child for the weekend.
When Dr. Garber called me to come and retrieve my crying scared 8 year old child , he informed me that he had to remind his father to even say goodbye to our son.
Dr. Garber also informed me at this time he had no choice but to make a report to DCYF. I obviously agreed and was not concerned for myself because I had no part in the offense other than picking up my child.
Which is why I was Shocked years later after a horrible DCYF investigation that when Dr. Benjamin Garber made the original in-take report to DCYF he completely left out the facts that happened the day that my child was left alone at his office. That this happened because my son’s father refused to do what Dr. Garber was saying was in the best interest of our child and so he left our 8 year old boy alone in the office. So he could go and do as he pleased for the weekend.
When Dr. Garber reported to DCYF he didn't mention this horrible act , which by the way was the reason for calling DCYF in the first place.
In my opinion this man is dangerous. He ignores all problems of children that do not fit into his “books” and he makes the problems that children are having be all about the divorce and nothing else. Dr. Garber then went on over the years testifying on behalf of my child's father, who by the way was for the most part always on time with his payments.
The devastation this has caused myself and my child is unbearable, and in 2013 Dr. Garber after not seeing my son for 3 years testified for my ex-husband stating my child was saying he never wanted to see his mother again.
I thought this is a man who is supposed to know all about parental alienation and the effects of one parent disparaging another. And yet he testified hardly knowing what had happened in my son’s life over the 3 years he was not treating him, nor did he bother to contact me for my input. And as usual Dr. Garber is always taking my child's fathers words as fact, even though he had been caught lying to Dr. Garber about a serious situation in my sons past.
I tried to communicate with Dr. Garber to gain a better relationship with him for my son’s sake and he chose to simply ignore my request and my concerns.
My opinion is that Dr. Benjamin Garber is nothing more than a Hired Gun and will work for whoever has the most money to pay him. His ego is outrageous.
There isn't enough space to give more of a opinion of Warning that if you want your child to get real help for the issues that are really bothering them take them somewhere else.

Domestic Violence : A Joke in NH?

I am totally disgusted  with the way our state treats perpetrators of domestic violence.

Our Laws call Stalking a misdemeanor!  are you kidding me?  Does anyone realize the threat a stalker poses to a person?  And with the way New Hampshire law deals with an offender when they assault a person or when they violate a protective order there is no reason for the offender to stop their behavior!

Justice4Johnny recently advocated in a case where the prosecutor actually said that the perpetrator would have done more time for his crimes if we were in Manchester NH Court instead of Nashua NH Court.

This is a disgrace! The judges shouldn't have discretion in these abuse cases there should be mandatory sentences !

The very first time you lay your hands on someone you get 6 months in Jail, second time a mandatory full year and then if there are more charges like violating a restraining order then the person should have to do one year for each offence thereafter!

No suspended sentences or differed time mumbo jumbo!  It is time New Hampshire got out of the cave men era and start recognizing that domestic violence is a serious crime!

No child should ever be given into the custody of a perpetrator of ANY violent crime!    That is one of the things that we want in "Johnny's Law"

A child who grows up in a home where there is domestic violence is much more likely to be a victim of domestic violence when they get older .Or a perpetrator of domestic violence themselves.

Giving harsh sentences for these crimes is the only way to deter the behavior and stop the vicious cycle of domestic violence in the family home. 

Janet Heywood-Esburnett, March 27th 2015 

Catching You up!

Hi everyone I'm sorry it's been such a long time between posts but I've been a busy bee!  As Member Matt so publicly  but kindly announced , I did have another battle to fight in the quest for turning back the clock and regaining my health since I gave birth to Johnny!  

I'm thrilled to say the last surgical procedure was a great success and hopefully the last  procedure period!  So I can concentrate on making different types of wrongs ,right.

We have added two new Justice4Johnny office workers which I believe will prove to be a huge success. 

I will be at the office in Hudson on Monday through Friday next week 9-2 and will b working on several families cases as well as personal issues.

If you haven't read the new forum in tell us your situation, I strongly suggest you do. 

 The 2015 Race against Cancer!

I would've' given the world to be able to have watched him in person and cheer him on!    
For all of you who are reading this . If you have the God given privilege to tuck your children into bed tonight, Please give them a extra hug for me, and please don't ever take that precious gift for granted. Because there is no guaranteeing when the next time will be. 

J4J's New Christian Video channel

Hey guys! please check out our brand new channel of Christian music video's.  There are only a few people that are looking at this site for any other reason than  Pure Heartache.  And let me tell you that if I didn't have a relationship with the Lord Jesus I wouldn't be able to put my feet on the ground morning after morning when my heart is shattered.  But all of you fill your hearts and souls with this kind of music and see how it just fills you with Faith, Love and Hope!

I truly have love for all of you, and yes even the people that may not be on the site for the not so kind reasons.

 Redeemed- Big Daddy Weave

Just a sample video from our new Christian Music Channel you don't have to be a member to use most pages on our site but we would love to have you all! It is free! and we don't ask for credit info!

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