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New Democratic majority lead house vote out NH Citizens rights to the Redress of Grievances Committee

Posted by Gail Nash on January 2, 2013 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by- Janet Heywood-Esburnett

On January 2,2013 Myself and the execututive secretary Mrs Andrea Taylor went to represent Justice4Johnny members at the legislator for the vote on the redress of grievances committee.

The vote was sometimes passionate but I remember thinking not nearly passionate enough!

When we pulled up to the state house our first impression was how few people had attended this most important vote from the public. And how important this was to NH families and Citizens no matter what party you are voting .

I then thought if there were a bill that millions of dollars had gone into lobbing for, boy there would be standing room only! Well we didnt win to keep this wonderful committee, but we will most surely keep fighting!

I will try and be more plugged into the state house this year now that I have others to help me with issues that I was dealing with on my own the past two years!

May God Bless and Keep you all!

To all of the families struggling and missing their loved ones, Do not let this get your spirits down! It is one part of the great big picture!

Janet Heywood Esburnett

Urgent News on NH Redress of Grievances Committee!

Posted by Gail Nash on January 1, 2013 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by- Chair Person, Janet Heywood-Esburnett

The Rules committee has already taken a vote 6-4 to abolish the Redress Committee. Now the entire House will vote January 2nd 2013 in Concord on the House floor.

I will do my best to speak for all of the families with Justice4Johnny and NH families regardless republican or democrat it doesn't matter, injustice hurts the same and we as Parents and United States citizens must have the tools to fight back!

The newly voted Democratic house must still vote the constitution if they are to honor their oath.

Taking away our right to Redress wrongs that goverment has perpetrated upon us is against everything our Country was founded on.

Please if you can write your reps and come to the state house and show your support.

Respectfully Janet Heywood-Esburnett

The NH Redress Greivance Committee 2013

Posted by Gail Nash on December 1, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted By Janet Heywood Esburnett

Just a quick word so no one panics! The NH redress Greivance Committee hasnt gone away! we have been getting many calls and emails!

No, no! They will be back taking statements the begining of the New Year, Remember you must have a Representitive in your area sponsor your greivance so make your report really accurate, to the point and as hard as it is try to keep the emotion out!

We are here to help you after the first of the month to write or edit these documents. There will be a new board voted in , some old members I'm sure will remain.

Take Care

My God Bless you and your Families Always,

Janet Heywood-Esburnett :)

Justice 4 Johnny 's Janet Heywood- Esburnett Succeeds at Lobbying the NH Guardian ad Litem Board!

Posted by Gail Nash on November 29, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by Janet Heywood- Esburnett-

Hello to everyone who has joined Justice4Johnny and to everyone reading this post! NH parents who go through the process of divorce find themselves in a tangled mess of lawyers, doctors, so-called experts and Guardian ad Litems (GALs).

These professionals take oaths to do their "duty" to act honorably, however, as I found out in my son's case with his GAL. Some are in it solely for the power and money.

There are boards like the NH Bar Association. The NH Medical Board, The NH Board of Mental Health Practice and the NH Guardian ad Litem Board. Justice4Johnny plans to be dealing with all of these boards and many, many more in the future.

The first board Justice4Johnny thought was important to help parents' gain access to was the NH Guardian ad Litem Board.

Although I personally have an issue with how my complaint was handled with my son's GAL, Joesph Caulfield, in that it was voted 8-0 to take action throughout and then the Board wrote a letter of reprimand which is a sanction and did not hold a hearing. But none the less parents still need access to the board .

The way the rules were set up previously were that the public could go and veiw the public part of the board meetings but not take part in any of the discussion at any time during the meeting.

As a NH parent I thought that was unfair and lobbied the NH Guardian ad Litem Board for public access .

Over the Summer it was told to me through email that it was indeed voted that public access would be allowed and that I would be sent guidelines and a meeting schedule to make an appointment with the board to take advantage of this new opportunity.

On November 16, 2012 the NH Guardian ad Litem Board did vote in the Public Guidlines into protcol and sent a schedule for me to make an appointment.

Of course, any of the NH public can be the first to take advantage of this new rule and I invite and welcome them to do so.

As you all know I am getting ready for the big trial for the return of my child on December 12,13 so that takes precedence over everything, therefore I will not be making an appointment to go to the December meeting .

I hope you are all as pleased as I am with this progress that Justice4Johnny has made! Keep in good faith!

Gail Nash will be posting the Guidelines in a day or two and also posting the link

Marital Master David Forest/ Janet Heywood- Esburnett's brief absence from posting on J4J site

Posted by Gail Nash on September 23, 2012 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by, Janet Heywood-Esburnett

I am very happy to be back posting on the site. I am sorry for my brief absence. I would like to share with all of you a large part of the reason.

I obtained disturbing information through my child's doctor's office that my Son's medical needs were not up-to-date. As I researched more into the situation I was shocked to see that my son's 'Biological father" who DCYF thought was the better choice, Had NEGLECTED to do normal and very simple parental duties to manage my child's medical condition's.

I have been waiting TWO years for a custody hearing which is in December. However given the type of illness and the risk's it could pose without being properly managed I filed an Exparte Motion to Change Custody Due to Parental Neglect.

Last year I had to file a similar Motion titled the same except I used the term Medical Neglect and for reasons only known to Master Love, for sure, and maybe because the Doctor could not answer his subpeona, He was out of town, the Marital Master, Alice Love, did not feel that I had met the burden.

In that case my Son's " biological father" my EX husband waited 58 days to do something that the doctor told him to do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

My Ex and His attorney, Brian Snow, then filed an written Ojection and spoke in court that the Doctor actualy told My EX he could wait SEVERAL MONTHS to do this important task!

I tell you all this because in the new Motion which I just filed on September 12,2012, I attached the 2011 Objection that Brian Snow containing the false information, And I attached the letter from the Doctor which he wrote after he saw the written objection filed by Brian Snow . The Letter from the Doctor clearly contradicts what my EX and Brian Snow told the court and still has the nerve to reassert recently.

The motion I filed was well written, had times, dates, names and places. And at the end, I had attached, two documents concerning a situation from 16 months prior this was done for the purpose of exposing the deception that took place in Master Love's Court.

To my horror Marital Master, David Forest, on his second-to-last day on the bench, took the bench, at one point when he took up the exparte, he addressed my EX and said something like there is a claim you were supposed to get blood work done for your son and didn't, did you get it done?


I tried to tell him, but he was rude and made it clear he was not hearing me and said it would be heard in DECEMBER at the custody trial that I have waited so long for!

So I gave my EX husband 24 hours to see if he would now do the right thing since he narrowly escaped the exparte . HE DID NOT!

So because I AM THE RESPONSIBLE PARENT I had NO CHOICE but to file another EXPARTE to ask the court for the right to do what my Son's biological father was neglecting to do.

I knew I would be going to be asking relief from the same man who had made a huge mistake the day before? Was he going to admit he had made an error and help my son on his last day on the NH Bench?

NO! Even after I pointed out his mistake and the real issue, he again knowing this had to do with a serious condition of a child, said it could wait until December. So Who is liable if something were to happen before then? Good question?

Anyway My EX Husband's attorney sent him to the court for the Exparte. I had left a message on Brian Snow's machine as is the Law.

As soon as My EX husband read that I was seeking to change the decision making until the custody hearing, he called and did what he SHOULD HAVE DONE 16 months ago! He didn't satisfy all of the doctor's requests but at least one and I will pray for my son's health and safety until then.

So as a mother I am satisfied at least part of my son's needs will be met. But imagine me having to file not ONE but TWO emergency hearings to make the parent with the custody do the right thing.!!!!

I don't know Master David Forest. Maybe he was angry he lost his job and decided to go out with a BANG! But I wish he had read the motion, if he had, he never would have asked the questions he did, they were out-dated and inaccurate and I hope my son's health doesn't pay the price.

We parents who have gotten cheated by the system and others who have gotten away with slandering us, have to keep picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off until we find a fair and honest judge that is man or woman enough to say their collegues in this state were wrong!

Justice4Johnny welcomes new Facebook Administrator

Posted by Gail Nash on August 12, 2012 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (1)



Posted by Janet Heywood - Esburnett


:) Big warm welcome to Jackie who has come onboard as our new facebook administrator. Our facebook is really just blank!

So she is going to start fresh in the upcoming weeks to begin again and put J4J in the facebook world.

I'm so excited to see what is happening with J4J and of course what started it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roll:

Please Check Out Spread the Word Section!

Posted by Gail Nash on August 12, 2012 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (1)

8) Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett

There are some pretty bright comments on our "spread the word section" of this site they are new and updated!....well I think they are bright but then again I wrote them!

So you decide, check em out gang! ;)

What is an Ombudsman

Posted by Gail Nash on August 11, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted By Janet Heywood-Esburnett :)

I actually have first hand knowledge and experience with this one!! And it isn't pretty!

I was told that these were the people to call and complain to about DCYF !!!!

Yeah right!!! I called and spoke to a woman. As I told her my story she was horrified! I told her my husband was on a fifty thousand dollar cash bond for DV when they gave him custody of my son, she was shocked and said she was going to help me, she called me back and said she spoke to the case worker and my son was "thriving in my husbands care" I asked according to who? she said my husband and the case worker!!! and that was it, she wanted to see no evidence that I had to the contary, nothing! case closed!!

What a Joke!!!! They are another agency that should be looked into!!!!

Lets just make a list set em up roll the J4J and knock em down baby!!!!!

Sylvia Gayle/ Geraldo Pilarski

Posted by Gail Nash on August 11, 2012 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett ;)

I was told two very different stories about Ms. Gayle. In the first instance I was told that she was transfered to concord NH to take another position. And then I was told by Ms. Bartlett that after twenty five years Ms Gayle had retired. And Ms. Bartlett certainley did not seem to have a negitive demeanor about Ms Gayle when refering to her, so there you have it, I dont really know.

The same goes with Mr Geraldo Pilarski, I got two or three differnt answers about his departure from Nashua. The fact of the matter is that there is SOOOO much deception when it comes to the nashua office that people can't keep their stories straight!! I had a case worker who is now working in the adult department tell me straight out that she refused to work with A certain case worker with the initials G.B. anymore because of her fraudulent ways of dealing with parents and so she left child services and went to adult services. So SAD!!

Contacting Redress Greivance Committee

Posted by Gail Nash on August 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Posted by Janet Heywood-Esburnett :)

Name of Chairman of the Board - Paul Ingbretson

Email address- [email protected]

If you believe you or a person you know was wronged by the NH court system please write this committee our voices MUST be heard! These men and woman are there fighting for us because they care! but they cannot fight if they don't know our stories.

Don't Give up PLEASE ! You can bet I will be writing mine in detail about district and superior court every ruling that I believe was wrong.

I hope to have more information about when and where they meet so that we can go in person to a few of their meetings as a group.

J4J ALL the WAY !!!


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