Defending the Children,Youths and Families
                   of New Hampshire
          And The United States of America


Defending the Children,Youth's and Families of the State of 
New Hampshire and our United States of America!!



Please note that statements, testimonials, and opinions of Justice4Johnny Members or people posting on this site are the opinions of the posters and not the Justice4Johnny board or its general membership.

While we Support our Members in their rights to free speech we do not encourage and will not condone improper language on this family site. We hold all posters to be accountable to the provability of any statement being made about any person and invite the persons that are being spoken about on Justice4Johnny to come forward to our board and if you are truly innocent of what you are being accused and if the statement made by a J4J member is proved wrong and false it will be removed and a public appolgy will be given.  However if you do not defend yourselves we will assume that the statments must have merit.

Please contact us at 603-880-0076  Justice4Johnny  for an appointment with our board

Mission Statement

Justice4Johnny has been created by New Hampshire citizens with the determination to bring fairness and accountability to the child welfare system in New Hampshire. 



Please note Justice4Johnny is not a legal site.  Please seek the aid of a qualified attorney when making legal decisions affecting your family.

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